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? Wireless communication module _ _si4432_ wireless transceiver module wireless module wireless module _si4463 _ smart home system - Fuzhou Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. [official website] - Fuzhou ELINK Electronics Co., Ltd.
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          About Elink
          Contact Us
          Contact:Mr. Guo

          Q Q:350306111
          Address:3 F ,NO.27 ,Juyuanzhou Industrial Area ,Cangshan District, Fuzhou, Fujian .china.

          Aboit Elink

          Yi Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, Fuzhou Cangshan Juyuanzhou the 27th, is a professional smart home, wireless module, GPRS data transmission module, GSM Access Controller, GSM alarm, automation control module product research and development, production and sales company of high-tech enterprises.

          Easylink electronic self-developed easy home smart home system, SI4463 wireless module, wireless module easy to contact column, GSM access controller, IC integrated chip, easy to contact column development board / testing products with high quality, stable operation and unanimously approved by the majority of users.

          We adhere to the "Founding innovation, quality excellence, customer first" business philosophy, adhere to the "advanced technology, quality-oriented, honest and trustworthy" humanistic philosophy, advanced products, precise, beautiful, reliable and economical is our specialty. Leading product development trend of things, everything for the user, it is our obligation in the pursuit!

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